Our Services

UBC offers a wide sea of services that are classified by specialty into its subsidiary companies. The services go as follows:

Mergers & Acquisitions Services

What specializes this service is the doors that it opens to its first benefiter, like increasing the company’s market share, acquiring expansion platforms, identifying central business capabilities, inserting needed competencies, widening geographical reach, and enriching the company’s portfolio.

Our field specialists will be performing deep analysis of the merging entities, identifying fast profit opportunities, and always looking for both parties’ best interests.

Seeking a higher value from a new business opportunity, a professional advice in privatization, or a need to dispose an asset or /business unit, UBChas a track record in this.
UBC is experienced in merging businesses together that result in strategic fit and synergy and help seal the deal in the most efficient smoothest manner possible.

Making a deal work successfully requires business competence, team of experts, financial insight, and precision.

This is where UBC’s expertise comes into play.