Our Services

UBC offers a wide sea of services that are classified by specialty into its subsidiary companies. The services go as follows:

Management Consultancy

We provide consultancy services to assist the business industry as a whole, and help organizations to improve their performances partially. This improvement is manifested primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems, and then by developing plans for applicable solutions. Our list of consultancy processes is better demonstrated below


Market and Opportunity Analysis


Providing clients with analysis about their company’s situation and the market they are competing in will grant them: great source of information for setting objectives in strategic planning, recognition of the company’s points of strengths and weaknesses, discovering underlying opportunities, overcoming threats, and more.


Pricing and Trend Development Strategies


By definition, a pricing strategy is the method companies use to price their products or services in the most reasonable yet profitable way. And for that, our pricing strategists take into consideration each company’s case in order to apply one or more of the following strategies on it: Penetration Pricing, Price Skimming, Product Life Cycle Pricing, Competitive-Based Pricing, and Temporary Discount Pricing.

As for trend development, our team takes the responsibility of keeping an eye on the latest trends and updates happening in the market with competitors, consumers, society, government, and environment to spot the focal point from which a whole marketing campaign can be built on


Sales Forecasting


Providing typical examinations of the figures submitted up the ladder and making modifications based solely on instinct is never sufficient. Sales forecasting is now far more stretched to include future inventories, overall revenues, market study, opportunity seeking, growth analysis, and more. For an excellent forecast production, our team pays a good attention to the following principles: creating a well-developed sales strategy, understanding buyer’s behavior, milestone driven pipeline process, and continual improvement.


Strategic Development of Distribution Channels


Acquiring a distribution channel strategy allows companies to sell their products to customers in new geographical areas and offshore markets that cannot be reached by the team of direct sales. In order to get a distribution strategy to function well, our strategists pay close attention to the following factors: product’s geographical reach, best distribution cost, channels contributions, support and control, and of course customer service.


Product Definition


Whether it is a new or an already existing product, UBC provides the finest way to bring it to the front of the market, and make it recognizable with the image that best serves its purpose. Thus the practice of making and varying the information about any company's catalog of offerings will be in the safe hands of our product service management specialists