Our Services

UBC offers a wide sea of services that are classified by specialty into its subsidiary companies. The services go as follows:

Infrastructure Construction Services

We cover the construction of all types of hard infrastructure that you need. UBC has undergone many infrastructure construction projects in several countries that all ended up in big success. Whether it is Transport, Energy, Water Management, Communications, or Solid Waste Management infrastructure, you ask we deliver.

Analyzing country’s needs of energy, and putting and implementing proper plans to satisfy the needs. Designing and building the infrastructure from generation, to distribution, to delivery to end users is our expertise.

Supply Chain
Designing and operating a proper logistics system that ensures efficient and on-time delivery of products has gained more and more important in the world of business nowadays. UBC is also specialized in building proper infrastructures to satisfy such needs

Effective Communications are important for all work processes to be adequately assorted. The list of Communications Infrastructure includes: postal service, land line and mobile phone networks, TV and radio transmissions, Internet, Satellites, internal business and governmental networks, etc.

Waste Management
Appropriate disposal of waste is a critical issue. We take the responsibility of managing construction waste to human waste, covering the drainage system of any specific area. If not disposed properly, wastes can cause pollution and dangerous diseases for human beings and other nature creatures.