Our Services

UBC offers a wide sea of services that are classified by specialty into its subsidiary companies. The services go as follows:

Infrastructure Services

An infrastructure service can describe a Telecom service or an IT service that is installed and implemented to facilitate routine operations of businesses and individuals



Telecommunications is about a huge range of information-transmitting technologies, like the case of mobile phones, landlines, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and broadcast networks.UBC is interested in providing telecom sites for operators to rent; where planning, building, operating and maintaining them will be our responsibility. Under General Telecom, the following operations need to be performed:

PLANNING AND PREPARATION OF SPECIFICATIONS : bill of quantities, project implementation plans, engineering drawings, budgeting of CDMA, GSM, WiMAX, and other telecommunications networks.

FULL TURNKEY IMPLEMENTATION OF: CDMA, GSM, WiMAX and other telecommunications networks including but not limited to site acquisition, civil, electrical, electromechanical, communications equipment installation, commissioning, and integration.

SUPPLY AND LOGISTIC SUPPORT :  full site equipment including but not limited to towers, shelters and relevant equipment, generators, fence, stabilizers, transformers, radio frequency antennae, and microwave drums.

POST-SALE, OPERATIONS, AND MANAGEMENT OF :  various communications networks (GSM, CDMA, and WiMAX) including MSCs, BSCs, BTSs, and Backbone sites.



UBC take on its part developing IT softwares for small to medium-sized companies to provide them with a framework or mindset for making business benefits measurable. Our IT softwares are available in different packages with specific pricing and features that are suitable for each company. We provide easy to use, customizable, and innovative softwares that manage the progress of projects operations and employees’ attendances, track and manage expenses, invoice accurately and more.