IHS is Africa’s primary mobile infrastructure company since 2001. It serves clients responsibly by owning and managing effective telecommunications infrastructure, and employing the highest quality of people, services, and equipments.
IHS is famous by its “Buy and Leaseback” business approach, which enables the company to buy the mobile operators’ sites and maintain them. Dealing with capital intensive projects with operators from all around Africa, IHS had the chance to expand its capacities since 2011, when IHS started to attract international investors, such as:


International Finance Corporation             Emerging Capital Partners             FMO             Wendel             Investec


The company offers telecommunications infrastructure to mobile network operators in Africa providing environmental-friendly cost-efficient solution that is the preference of many regulators in the African countries. IHS added value comprises in its unmatched technical expertise; where long years of hands-on experience define not only the company’s age in the business, but also its engraved know-how, which represents a great advantage for new and current clients.
Among its competitors, IHS manages the biggest number of towers. Our vision for IHS is to be the provider of infrastructure for any company in need of a "connection

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