UBC is an international Infrastructure Services Company, specialized in Telecommunications and Information Technology, since year 2000. It was established by a group of industry professionals, who hold years of experience in telecommunications, technological advances, management consultancy, and infrastructure services all over the world. UBC is also an ISO 9001:2008 certified company since 2007, with an implemented Quality Management System.
IHS Africa and Vorex Inc. are two examples of UBC successes. IHS specializes in telecommunications infrastructure services all over Africa; whereas Vorex specialty lies in engineering and designing business automation software solutions for companies worldwide. Moreover, UBC is also known for its partnership with Dar Telecom, which is an international company specializing in Telecom Management Consultancy.

We are dedicated to deliver superiority to our clients through high-tech products and services that shall not only meet your standards, but also exceed them. We offer turnkey services to meet our clients’ every need, where each service goes through the following work processes:


OUR CLIENTS BEST INTEREST is our primary motivation, and we believe that the most important factor for the success of any project is maintaining a close connection with the client. UBC has more than 1,000 staff in its various operations that specialize in infrastructure development (IT & Telecom), and management consultancy.


OUR DIRECTORS, managers, and associates have a wealth of experience in all aspects of various infrastructure management and implementations. In each phase of a project, we rely on their expertise ensuring that projects are completed as cost effectively as possible. We address all projects from commercial, technical, and financial perspectives, favoring optimized technology and relying on our specialized and efficient project management skills


THE COMPANY'S VISION elongates into growing even more in the IT & Telecom infrastructure business, and be the first in the field to acquire the most advanced tools and techniques to serve customers perfectly. UBC would see itself emerging to other continents, covering the rest of the world with its top notch products and services that shall rend companies from regular operators into revenue generators.